New graphics card leaving lines when playing games

I just got a nivida EVGA GeForce GTX 660 SC and when ever I play any game on 1080p it looks like an old tv when looking Though at it with a camera please help!!!
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  1. Can we have a picture?
  2. I'm out of town right now but it like 4-7 very faded white lines
  3. moving in a horizontal lines
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    I bet you're using a dvi to vga converter, aren't you. Try using hdmi or dvi straight to the monitor, without a converter. The monitor has to simulate being a analog monitor because it's getting analog signal, the lines you are seeing are distorted scan lines. Dvi and hdmi are both digital so there is no need for scan lines.
  5. ok ill see if that works next friday thank you
  6. And it worked sorry for the late answer
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