Will the 7970 Vapor-X Ghz Edition fit in my case?

I'm looking at splashing out on some upgrades to my current set up next payday (New HDD, CPU and GPU)

I've been reading up a bit and the card I want appears to be rather large! I'm wondering if it will actually fit in my case? This is the case I have:

And this is the GPU:

Any help appreciated!
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  1. Good question i don't think it will but i could be wrong wait for more replies.
  2. No. According to Sapphire's site, the 7970 GHZ is 285 mm long.

    However, the max GPU length allowed in the Storm Scout is 270 mm. Sorry.
  3. Or as my great mate Mr T would say: USE A TAPE MEASURE, FOOL! IT AIN'T THAT HARD! :)
  4. Thanks for the reply. That sucks! Do you know of any other cards that are just as good but not as long?
  5. Well if you're into overclocking, and your TX650 does give you some room, you can overclock a 7950 past 7970 GHZ performance quite easily. Note this will add some more power consumption, however your PSU should be more than enough.

    I can't find any 7970's which are under 270 mm on scan, and are in stock too, sorry.
  6. I wouldn't advise a 7970 with a i3 anyways lol no offense.
  7. If you read the OP I am upgrading CPU and GPU. New CPU will be i5 3570K 3.4 Ghz :)

    Ok I'm not really willing to OC just yet, just want a card that is decent and will last me a few years then I'll maybe OC it.

    Just found this card which is 270mm not sure if it is any good though?
  8. bigcyco1 said:
    I wouldn't advise a 7970 with a i3 anyways lol no offense.

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    Yeah VTX-3D are alright from what I've seen, some of their things are meh at best though.. I don't know anything about their warranty services either.
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