Confused about upgrading graphics card

Hi everyone!

I have a AMD Radeon 6870
and wanted to upgrade to a radeon 7850

now I get confliciting aresponses from different sites, about the compatibility of the 7800 series with my motherboard

I have a MSI 870A-G54 Board

can anyone tell me if the are compatible or how i can definitaly find out?
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  1. Motherboard should not be a problem, both are PCI x16 slot cards.
  2. Thank you!
    I am mainly confused about the designation, because it is described as having a 3.0 x16 bus
    and i am not sure what that 3.0 means ^^;

    so just one more confirmation please before I spend the money! :)
  3. Best answer
    It means its one more than 2.0. Seriously.

    There is a new version of the PCI-e x16, and it was given the imaginative name of 3.0.

    They are completely backwards-forwards compatible, but 3.0 can transfer data faster, though how much of an effect it will have on actual performance I could not tell you. Should not be huge.
  4. Great!
    Thanks again Greatatlantic you were very helpful :)

    too bad manufacturers name stuff more complicated then they need to ^^
  5. Your motherboard is PCIe 2x compliant. The 7850 is PCIe 3x compliant. Basically, your motherboard will support the 7850 without a problem, but not at the maximum transfer speed of which the GPU is capable.

    The card will work just fine and if you decide to upgrade to a PCIe 3x motherboard/processor in the future, you will already have a good GPU that will be fully capable in the new system.

  6. Thanks markwp for the clarification :)

    Never expected to get help so quickly, you guys are awesome ^^
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