Help with display driver has stopped responding and recovered.

Recently I have been running into an issue with the "display driver has stopped responding and recovered" error.

This system has the following:
12 Gigs Ram
currently: Gigabyte GTX 660 ti
(I forget the brand) 720 W PSU

So a few weeks ago I had a Zotac GTX 660 TI running great. I played it up until last week when out of nowhere I got this error. I had just beat Bioshock Infinite and shortly before had updated the Nvidia drivers to the 314 driver.

Out of nowhere this error popped up while I was just doing some Google searching. Screen flashed and came back and that error popped up in the bottom right corner. I rolled back to the 310 drivers and got the same thing.

I had purchased an extended warranty with the Zotac so I went back in and exchanged it for a Gigabyte 660 ti this time. It played okay for a few days and suddenly started giving this error. Just to be sure, I switched PCI slot and got the same error. I decided to pop in my old 5560 ti and got the same error.

I have removed RAM, switched up PCI slots, reinstalled windows 7 x64, disabled automatic driver installation in Windows, all to no avail.

Is this a motherboard issue, or power supply issue, or what? Any ideas?
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  1. do a clean install of the nvidia driver
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