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Hello everyone from Toms hardware,
I have been trying to build a pc, exclusively for gaming but I just cant hit the right price with the right components.
My budget ranges from 1400 to 1600. I need help picking the best components for a good price which will allow me to play all the latest games maxed out at 1080p. ( Battlefield 3, StarCraft 2, Crysis 3, Far cry 3, Planetside 2... Upcoming Battlefield 4)

Thanks and please help
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  1. There are so many answers to this post even in your budget it would be faster to search for the string than wait for answers.
  2. Do you need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and an operating system?

    Go to Or <---read the reviews. I put together my system when I had no idea about anything. With that budget you can play all on ultra except Crysis 3.
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    First things first: planetside 2 is terribly optimized for the CPU.

    I've been advocating for quite some time that people who build gaming computers should do a 20/40 split on their CPU/Graphics budgets. That is: 20% of your budget ($280-$320) should be spent on your CPU, and 40% ($560-$640) should be spent on your Graphics solution. In order to receive the balance you need to maximize your performance in games, you need to spend 2x as much on graphics as you do your CPU. Also, in order maximize your performance per dollar, you need 60% of your budget on pure performance, without cutting too much into the necessities of a computer (motherboard, case, etc). Your CPU and Graphics account for over 90% of your computer's performance in games.

    With this in mind, you have 2 Intel Choices that I can recommend.
    LGA 2011 Socket - i7 3820 ($299). This socket is meant for higher performance, but it means a more expensive motherboard.
    LGA 1155 Socket - i7 3770k ($319).

    For Graphics, you can look at either 2 Graphics cards in SLI (Nvidia)/Crossfire (AMD), or 1 Graphics card. Unfortunately, $560-$640 is above the price of 1 Graphics card. So for your SLI/Crossfire options:
    SLI: GTX 660ti x 2 ($520-$640)
    Crossfire: Radeon 7950 x 2 ($580-$620)

    Thing is, for building a computer now, you may want to wait. May 27-June 7, Intel is releasing their new generation of cpus, specifically the i7 4770k, which is likely to be better than the 3770k for around the same price.
  4. From what I've read, unless you have a specific need for hyper-threading you do not need the i7.
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