How to work with a creative labs z a headset and speakers!!!

I want to get a creative labs z sound card but I also want a headset called CM Storm Sirus - Gaming Headset with True 5.1 Surround Sound and Control Module to use with it...I can barely find any 5.1 computer speakers but if i use the logitech ones how to hook it all up? Do i need a switch of some kind that works between the headset and the speakers or a splitter to use them at the same time...Any wisdom you share is a great help in this issue...
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  1. They won't work together. The headset is USB, which means it has its a built-in "audio card" and will not use what ever is installed in the system. But once you unplug it, it should default back to the onboard audio. As for the Creative Z card, you'll need an external receiver if you want 5.1 or pick a different card that has the available audio jacks for surround sound.
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