2002 LG GDR-8161B IDE DVD-ROM drive is being stupid

I just installed an LG GDR-8161B DVD-ROM drive on a PCI IDE controller on a Windows 7 machine with an MSI PH61A-P35B3 motherboard.

The previous drive I had installed on that controller was a TSSTcorp, the model of which I can't remember off the top of my head. I'd had that drive in there since the XP days and the rollovers to Windows 7 and then to PCI IDE (as opposed to on-board IDE) went smoothly, if I remember correctly.

The drive is installed alongside a Seagate ACE 80 GB HDD, which works fine.

After installing the DVD drive, it is receiving power. Its automatic-opening solenoid appears to have worn down since it was manufactured in 2002, so I opened it with a paperclip, inserted a known-good disc, and closed it with the eject button.

Inserting this disc elicited no response from the OS.

I haven't checked the BIOS/UEFI's identification of the drive, but the operating system is aware of its presence; it appears in SIW as:
  • Manufacturer: [unknown]
  • Model: CD-ROM Drive
  • CD Reader: CD ROM, CD R, CD RW
  • CD Writer: No
  • DVD Reader: DVD ROM, DVD R, DVD RW
  • DVD Writer: No

The "Capabilities" section of this is correct, though the manufacturer and model are obviously not.

However, it does not appear in Disk Management such that I can assign it a drive letter. When I checked Device Manager, I found a "CD-ROM Drive" alongside my SATA DVD burner, its icon bearing the dreaded exclamation mark of many hours of hair-pulling.

Its device status is "No drivers are installed for this device." This seems odd to me, for two reasons: that it is a DVD drive and thus ought to have extremely generic drivers, and that attempts to update the driver yield "Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date."

Any ideas what might be happening here?
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    is the IDE jumper on the DVD drive set correctly?
  2. Emerald said:
    is the IDE jumper on the DVD drive set correctly?

    They're on separate cables (two ports on the controller, and neither cable can reach both), so I didn't think to check. I'll go in and make sure it's not set to slave.

    UPDATE -
    It was set to CS, but I forgot I'd had to switch cables, so it was on the slave connector. I've set it to work now.

    And we wonder why the industry switched to SATA.
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