good graphics card for under $50??

i want to get another graphics card for my other PC but im not going to use my other PC as much so what is a good graphics card that i can League of legends with? i play League all the time BTW.
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  1. The better you can get at the price range is an HD 6670.
  2. jemm said:
    The better you can get at the price range is an HD 6670.

    You can't get a 6670 for $50, but I would try to get one anyway since anything less than $50 would be pretty poor IMO.
  3. You are not going even going to get a "fine" graphics card for under $50. An okay graphics card where you can play most of the modern games at mid settings would be around $100 like the 7750. You might as well wanna think as anything below or around $50 is a waste of money.

    Hope I helped...
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  5. On a side note, those who are HEAVY gamers and invest major money to play games like Crysis 3, Battlefield and CoD usually have several hundreds dollards invested in a graphics card. GENERALLY, these people are a bit of Graphics Snobs and will downtalk or trash anything below a certain price point regardless of performance. I happen to have used Several XFX One 2GB ( Video Cards in my customers' builds, and they LOVE THEM. They are low power, do not take a dedicated power connection, and provide GREAT graphics for Video, Games and doing Graphic Design work. They are fast, small, and get the job done. They are far from POWER cards, but they are great. I have one paired with an Asus F2A85-M Pro Motherboard and an AMD A8-6600K Black Processor with 16GB of Corsair Ram in my Media Center. I run Windows 8, play games occasionally and watch copious amounts of full HD video on a Samsung 50". Never have had a SINGLE issue.
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