Sudden FPS drop after 3-4 months on brand new computer after running all games fine

Recently I'v had fps issues. My pc is relativly brand new and meets the recommended requirments of all the games i play (overkill in-fact) however every game has started to drop in FPS except for Battle Field 3. I've had this problem before and i solved it by wiping all my AMD graphic drivers and re-installing from factory defaults and updating. However this time it didnt work. Iv done that process 2-3 times with no avail. Iv noticed huge FPS lag in Teamfortress 2 and League Of Legend but i run Battlefield 3 at a steady 80 fps. While running the other games at about 15-30. Also I know over heating is not an issue because when running battlefield 3 my temps barly reach 70 degrees and when playing tf2 and league of legends they only reach about 55 degrees. Anyways please help me, i am very frustrated and dont really want to do a Windows re-install


CPU: AMD FX 8-core 8320 3.5ghz (clocked to 3.8)
GPU: AMD Radeon FX XFX 7870 2gb
Mobo: GA-990FXA-UD3
RAM: 8gb Patriot Viper
Storage: 1tb HDD, 700gb HDD
PSU: 750 Wat XFX pro
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  1. If it´s getting 80+ FPS with BF3, then there should not be a hardware, nor an OS problem.
  2. Exactly what im thinking, has to be drivers or software problem in my oppinion, although i think a fresh windows re-install should fix things up......

    So apperntly it wasnt my GPU or anything on the video side at all. Basically my mouse was causing the lag as it would only drop fps when i would move my mouse. Most of the games I play require a mouse so I didnt notice right away but I moved my mouse down to 125hz and its fixed everything. Still dont know WHY its all wierd at 1000hz but whatever, I fixed it so Im happy.
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