Blue screen errors

I installed some updates the other day and I started getting some blue screen crashes. I did a couple of system restores and still got them so I did a fresh installation of Win 7 and am still getting them.

I did an AVG scan, Malwarebytes scan and they were clean. I ran CCcleaner as well and still the issues. What's the next step to figure out the problem?
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  1. Test your memory with memtest86+.
    You can download the free image here:
    I personally like the disc version just because I have so many of the damn things
    But, this will find any bad memory I your system.
    I would run the test one stick at a time to narrow it down faster.
    Hope this helps.
  2. Ran memtest86 v4.2.0 and everything looks good. What else could be causing these problems?
  3. I just restarted my computer after doing the memtest for an afternoon and when it was booting up, the disk list did not list any hard disks. It listed Sata port 3.0 and sata port 3.1 as empty. My SSD is installed in port 3.0. Then I restarted it and it listed just fine and booted just fine.

    Could this be because some of my drivers aren't yet installed/updated (i.e. my sata controller drivers) or is this an SSD problem. Keep in mind, I just reinstalled windows so I could have missed a driver installation...

    What do you think?
  4. So the ram looks good and I checked the SSD with Crystaldiskinfo and it looks good as well:

    Pretty much out of ideas...
  5. So it's running good now?
    If so then maybe it was a driver issue that has fixed itself during the process of updating and testing.
    Just keep monitoring the situation and post back if the problem comes back.
  6. Nope, still getting these crashes. I just did a fresh install and it crashed again. I used another hard drive I had with an OS on to load into windows and I reformatted my main hard drive (that had my main OS on it) and I deleted everything and reformatted it and then reinstalled windows on my main hard drive. Then I booted back up with only my main hard drive hooked up and the new, fresh installation and downloaded a few updates and it crashed again.

    Stop: 0x000000F4 (0x0000000000000003, 0xFFFFFA800EC7C600, 0XFFFFFA800EC7C8E0, 0XFFFFF80002FA1DB0)
  7. I just noticed, looking through the bios, that the PCH SATA control mode was set to AHCI which is good but the GSATA3 Ctrl Mode was set to IDE. Does that matter? I switched it to AHCI as well...
  8. Quote:

    A BCP1 of 0x000000003 indicates a process crashed. So essentially, SOMETHING is causing a critical Windows process to end.
  9. I figured as much. I can't figure out what it is or how to fix it...
  10. I switched my ssd boot drive for an identical one (same model Crucial M4) and used the same exact flash drive to install the same OS onto the new drive and all seems to be running fine.

    So my question is what is going on? I used the same copy of windows, the same drive and the first one doesn't work. Plus I ran a scan on the first drive, the one that isn't working, and it said the drive was healthy so... I don't know what's wrong.
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