Looking for a upgrade on a HP Pavilion P6-2055a

I have been looking for a bigger power supply and a better graphics card for this:

I want to put a HIS Radeon 7870 2GB, GHz Edition 256-Bit and a Corsair VS 650 Watt Power Supply


Graphics Card:

If you think. I could get something better let me know.

I live in Australia. Also my budget to upgrade is about $300. Also I do not have any local places to get my computer checked out. I would also like to buy from I also don't mine buying from ebay or stores in australia
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    In your shoes for a trouble free upgrade i'd move to a newer mid tower case with at least 2-3 120mm fans for intake/exhaust? These OEM casings have very limited ventilation and to be fair they are meant for home/office use not gaming?

    HD 7870 OC

    Corsair 80+ Bronze PSU

    CM 430
  2. Would it be hard to move everything to a new case?
  3. If u have never disassembled a pc before there are videos u can watch that may help but basically just with a screwdriver you can do it all ^^ The important thing is to spot where the motherboard is screwed to the standoffs on the case
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