Hard disk testing stucked at 2% for a compaq presario cq42-304TU

The hard drive must have died, Error code 0303 but how can I still use it back if I don't bring it to a technician to repair it?
There are 2 scenarios,
The motor has died, I must replace it with a new one
The motor hasn't died, I can bypass the bad sector

Are there any software that can boot from dos and repair most of the hard drive problems on a software level? Want to give it a try first?
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  1. You can give SpinRite a try. Hiren's boot CD as well.
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    Error code 0303 is a self test failure indicating a hardware failure which no software is going to fix. The drive will need to be replaced, hope your data was backed up.
  3. Okay, this is my friend's computer. So I will let him know about the problem
  4. You should at least test the drive in another computer to see if it's a false negative. You wouldn't want to throw away a good drive.
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