Hd7950 bottleneck i3 2100

Hey guys just a quick question I'm getting a sapphire vapor-x 7950 and was just wondering to the extent a i3 2100 cpu would bottleneck it .
I will probably be purchasing a i5 3570k in the future when I get the money but for now just seeing what I should do
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    i3 2100 has a stock speed 3.1GHz, speedstep and hyperthread options. A little low on smart cache but anyways your graphics card use pci to communicate to cpu not qpi.

    I'd say you are not likely to see problems in close future. It's more like "live and learn"

    But yea, even then I'd go for a better cpu when I have the cash to splash. Have fun.
  2. yes you will for games that use 3 and more cores which is a lot of new games. the bottleneck wont be big but its there. you might not even notice it.
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