Certain keys on the keyboard triggering the 5 key

Having an issue with a friends laptop, when ever you press the "S" "Caps Lock" "Numpad 3" "Numpad 7" and the "DEL" it triggers the keyboard key "5/%" and repeats the key until another is pressed. Thought at first it was a virus, or he said he updated it with windows update so I rolled back the drivers (Didn't fix it) and also update it from ASUS still no joy. So I completely reformatted the computer to windows 8 and the problem is still there. I am thinking the keyboard hardware is faulty or a faulty driver carried through in the reformat. Anyone got have an opion on this?
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  1. That's most likely a hardware issue. I guess it's the conductor matrix behind the keys, because multiple keys are affected. Probably coke spilled over the keyboard?
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