Windows 7 won't detect my second HDD

I build my new computer today and everything works fine except for when i go into 'computer'. It sees my SSD but not my 1TB WD Drive. When I go into device manager it finds it. I also went into the BIOS and it was there also, just not as a boot priority. I can't really download anything because my SSD is only 120GB. Is there a certain driver i need to get? I've checked my cables but still nothing. Also my monitor won't detect my HDMI cable.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
SSD: 120GB Samsung 840
HDD: 1TB WD Blue
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    Go to Disk Management. It will show you both of your HD's and if your 1 TB drive is not properly formatted, you can simply right click in the rectangle that represents your drive and click on format. You can choose to make multiple partitions at this point simply by choosing less than the total number of gigabytes and then it will format that amount and leave the remainder empty. Then do it again in the remaining open area. It is fairly intuitive and of course the help screens are available at the top.
    Your SSD was automatically formatted when you installed Windows, but the second drive has to be manually formatted.
  2. it doesnt show up in disk management. only the ssd does
  3. sapperatkinson said:
    it doesnt show up in disk management. only the ssd does

    Hello. could you solve it? I also have it with the same SSD and a 1TB HDD in my HP Probook 470 G1. The only solution to fix this for me was to reduce the HDDs Write speed from 6bs/s to 3gb/s. The problem for me appeared when I installed Intels Rapid Storage Technology to fix some communication problems between my SSD and HDD.
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