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I have a bottleneck PC with a HD 7750 and a Intel E5200 2.5GHz Dual Core.
I am upgrading my CPU, Motherboard and RAM soon, but in the mean time I was wondering how I can optimize the games to look their best by turning down CPU demanding elements and turning up those that only use the GPU, this includes making changes in config files and in game settings.

I am running all the games at 1280x1024 60Hz, and CPU usage is constantly at 90-100% whilst GPU usage is around the 50-60% mark, depending on the game.

Here is my system spec:

Here are the games I would like to optimize:

Any help is much appreciated, including recommended upgrades,
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  1. Getting rid of background programs, including stopping anti virus software from running scans, can reduce CPU use.

    Then turn up the eye candy (this will make the game look better, but not increase actual frame rate) eg AA.

    Reduce draw distance if possible.
  2. Thanks, for the replies,
    How can I optimize Avast Free to use less CPU?
    And also, do any of the following use the CPU?
    - TressFX
    - FXAA
    - SSAO
    - Depth Of Field
    - Shadows

    How can I stop games using PhysX? I understand that is CPU heavy with AMD cards.
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    TressFX is a GPU compute thing, not related to the CPU. Though would turn it off anyway, the 7750 isnt exactly a powerhouse and that GPU grunt can go toward other things.

    The rest I believe is all GPU.

    Disable PhysX in games, that simple. Though chances are since you dont have an Nvidia card, it just wont even enable it or give you the option unless (I think, not sure on this) you have the CPU driven PhysX drivers.
  4. I don't really want to remove my antivirus for a slight performance boost.

    Will higher quality textures make much of a difference?
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