upgrading pc: need the best compatable video card with my motherboard.

I'm upgrading my PC (Dell XPS 420) and I'm looking for a great videocard I can put into it that is still compatable. My motherboard is a model: 0TP406. I'm looking to run multiple instances/accounts of the game Eve Online at the same time with it.
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  1. hmms...
    afaik you should have gtx8600, or am I mistaken?

    well, these are about as power hungry as your old one, but be sure to check your PSU first...
    AMD> 7750 /or 7770 and you'll be stretching it a little bit/
    nVidia> GTX650
  2. PC says that there is a ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro in it currently
  3. ouch, sorry, I guess I remembered wrong...
    can you please look at what power output /wattage/ is your PSU designed?
  4. so, on max your computer should eat about 200-220W, add another 50W for safety measures, which leaves us at about 105-125 W free for the graphic card...

    if you have a 6pin connector>
    AMD> AMD> 7750 /if your PSU doesn't have the 6 pin power connector/, 7770 /if it does/, even 7850 could fit /if you're feeling lucky as you'll be stretching it a little bit/
    nVidia> GTX 650 TI /with 110W, this card hits the exact limit, TI BOOST is out of question, it is more power hungry than the 7850/

    also - pep out your ram to 4-8 GB, if you already haven't.
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