Which laptop graphics card is better for photograph editing, the nvidia geforce gtx 610m or the nvidia geforce gt 650m?

nvidia geforce gtx 610m vs nvidia geforce gt 650m, which one would be best for photography editing? I am a very enthusiastic photography that has just found out the benefits of Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 on an Apple Mac, I am trying to decide between two laptops that have these graphics cards, which would work best with Adobe Photoshop Elements 11?
Thanks for any answers.
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  1. The gtx 650m is a lot better.
  2. As photoshop element does not use the graphics card, there is no point.
    On an other end, the gf 610m is not a good card, so if you can aford the more pricy 650m, go for it. It will be better for manipulating pictures if you switch to a cuda enabled software.
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