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Hey guys! I have my build and I need to known how to install the latest GPS and mobo drivers. I have an iceq 7870 with the black hole cooler and an msi 970a g43 mobo. I need to know how to CORRECTLY install the drivers and I need to know how to set up something that automatically downloads future drivers. The reason I am asking this is because my friend had some trouble and I don't want to screw this up. Please help! Also, I don't think CPUs have drivers, but if they do I have an fx 4300.
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    Go to AMD's website for your graphics card driver and select the AMD radeon HD 7000 series under the support and drivers tab at the top of the screen. For your motherboard go to the MSI website and under the services and support tab select downloads, then go and select option 3 for live updates. You won't need to install drivers for your processor.
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