gtx 660ti 3way sli with triple screen 1080p

first off I would like to give you the lowdown on my system at this time,
asus rampage IV mobo,3930k cpu, 16gb gskill ram,evga gtx570 gpu,1000w psu.

I am going to mod my PC room. I want to go with triple screen gaming, but on a budget. I would really like to go with 3 way asus 660ti. why asus well my mobo will see it and I can oc with in my BIOS. but I want to go with the 3gb ram vesion of the 660ti. but I can only find them in the MSI version? at a good price $306.00 per card. I am going with 3 32" monitors at 1080p. now here is were my ?'s really start. monitor vs TV, ? All the best one's that I can fine in my price range are TV's with no DVI but they have HDMI, I also would like to talk about 720p vs 1080p in triple monitor set up. There are some really nice thin bezel's out there but most are in the 720p not 1080p. This is one that I am looking at. I'm trying to find one with the thinnest bezel in my price range. Not easy lol. This should be enough info to get this conversation started. pls I am not going to buy any AMD card so can we stay on nividia tech thank you.
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  1. you might also want to check out the 27 inchers, monitor. depending on your budget, you also might want to take a look at PLS ones.

    im not an expert,i just want one of those :)
    in the future, maybe also 3. but with the place we have now that is impossible
  2. PLS is that a brand or a screen type ?
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