Problem with finding 32GB RAM modules compatibile with Asus Maximus V Extreme


Some time ago I've started buying parts to the new PC. I would say I have more or less everything I've planned to have in my new computer. Now I can try to put it all together, but I've stuck with RAM and to be honest this is only thing stopping me to do it. Goal was to build gaming PC but now I got to use parts I have to build computer to part time work as well(video rendering). I have decided to use 32GB of RAM modules because of not greatest CPU I got to this sort of work. But I've hit the wall. Any good ideas what sort of memory would be 100% compatibile with my MOBO. I am considering to buy Corsair Dominator GT but XMP version makes me confused. I could not find any information about compatibilty of my MOBO with this product on producers website. I'm not very good with memory issues or setup to risk It won't work after setting up system. My knowledge on this ground is basic.

This is my hadware:

Case: Cool master HAF X XL
Motherboard: Asus Maximus V Extreme
CPU: Intel i3770K 3.5Ghz
Graphic card: Evga Geeforce GTX 680 2GB(will get at least 1 more)
Hard drives: SSD Vertex 4 256 GB, Seagate Barracuda 2GB
PSU: corsair AX Gold series 1200W (I know big but may need extra Watts for further upgrade)
Dvd Drive - samsung

In General. I'd like to buy 32GB of RAM(4x8GB) in sensible price(400-500$ max) to make it work with this config.

Much thanks for any sort of advice

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  1. Hi, and welcome to Toms forums as this is your first post you will find very helpful members here willing to help anyone that comes in here looking for advice.

    Fist thing is don't be confused by the Qualified Vendors list for your motherboard. I never even look at it because it doesn't include all the ram that is compatible with the MB , just the ones they tested. There are too many to test and verify so they do a sampling of different brands, sizes and speeds. I have a high end setup and I just looked at the QVL for my MB and the ram I have is not listed and it's working perfectly, just to give you an example. So gong with Corsair you can be very confident that most of their ram will work in that MB. Here are a couple of suggestions for ram sets.
  2. Thank you for nice welcome. I was a guest here few times and I knew I will find here a lot of smart profesionals or enthusiast to help me out with my issues. So I'm happy you are confirming my expectations. I'm so glad to find someone with right knowledge.

    You said some RAM is not listed. I thought so. Same thing about QVL said friend of mine. But because I'm pointing quite expesive RAM he adviced me to double check with someone who realy have lot of knowledge on this grounds. He used to build PC's but now even his knowledge on this grounds need to be more up to date :) At the begining I thought about Corsair Plantiniums but those modules were not listed. Weird because I've seen them listed by people from ROG community and some others on PC builders forums. I could asume platiniums are ok, but I've rather to confirm that first :) What about GT's I've posted. They will work as well or not.

    I was planning to buy these

    But then I found those two and I get confused

    Price is different, timings as well. QVL states first one is listed but in (ver.3.23)(XMP) is it an compatibile BIOS version or something else? Like I said my knowledge about RAM is basic(ok very basic)
    Let say, I want to have as less hastle with RAM as possible. In matter of fact when I will get the right chips, I am taking all I've to my friends place and he will put this together. In the way I hope everything will run smoothly and no problems.

    PS: sorry about my english. It's not my first language :/
  3. The reason the Platinums are not listed in the QVL is because they are a new model and have not been out that long. The quality of the memory modules in the Platinums is very high and that's why they will have a better chance of working well and that's why I am recommending them. They were not out when I built this current computer or I would have them now, but shortly I will be doing an upgrade and I will include adding the Corsair Platinums to my computer. If you wish to go with the Corsair Dominator GT then that is also a good choice. The XMS3 models that you linked seem unreasonably high priced for some reason and would not recommend getting those when you can get the Platinums for a lot less.

    I have the Corsair Dominator 1866 and with the XMP Profile enabled they are running at expected speed and performance.
  4. Yes. XMS3 is bit too expensive in my opinion and I'm sure cheaper modules will do the job as well. So If you would have to chose then between
    and which you would buy. I am looking for something whould fit my needs. Some gaming and video rendering
    My Mobo is quite nice piece of art and it seems to work well with those two. But which then. On what I should look first. Timings or frequency. Price is more less the same
  5. One more recommendation from friend of mine Is it worth of consideration??? Personaly I would rather to stick to Corsairs but price is interesting :)

    I would go with this one if it were me and I was putting it in my computer. The Ripjaws is a good choice but the price is odd, half of what the Corsair is and I guess if you were wanting to save money you could go with that instead. Corsair and G.Skill are two of the top ram makers and are usually very competitive with pricing. I looked at Newegg and the price is about the same as where you are so it appears to be a lower G.Skill model, so the Corsair Platinum is the top Corsair model and the G.Skill Trident X is their top model.
  7. Thank you very much for your answers for all my questions. You gave me lot of fresh ideas and I think in mater of chosing right RAM it should be much easier now. I will wait until Monday to make my final call. Thanks again inzone! Greetings :)

    I've placed the order . We'll see how it goes when I will finish the build :)
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