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Stuck at the BIOS screen after update(can only access it)

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April 13, 2013 2:53:32 PM

Hi, I don't really know what to do, so I am here, I will be glad and relieved if someone can help me.

This is what I did... I tried to update my bios, Intel® Desktop Board DH61BE, from 0028 to 0099, I needed 0099 (which isn't latest) first, to update to the latest - 0113. Everything went fine and the info at the flashing screen (I guess that's what it is called when those promt texts just goes and it says whether updating is successful or not) was positive - the installing was successful, just after it tried to auto reboot it didn't go further then the bios screen and the "beep" sound. After waiting 15minutes I decided to do a restart and wait again, nothing, at the second manual restart I tried to get in bios(f2) menu and that worked, since I have no idea how to fix it, this didn't help me well and this is where I am right now.
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April 13, 2013 5:01:47 PM

1) You can clear the CMOS by remove the battery, wait for 10min, put back it and boot the PC.

2) If the 1st step don't work, I add the link for " BIOS Update Readme " and you can follow the Recovery BIOS Updates to do it.
If you done that and you need read the all the info before update the bios again. Because you have the version 0028, you have to update the bios from 0028 to 0048 then to the 0099. Here is from intel " If your system's current BIOS version is 0037 or earlier, you must first update to version 0048 before updating to 0099."

I add more link for you.
Troubleshooting BIOS issues.
BIOS update instructions.
April 14, 2013 3:04:43 AM

Which update should I use now? Should I download my original? 0028 or I should take 0048?
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April 14, 2013 3:21:05 AM

And the CMOS clearing did not work, can you suggest any easy programs that converts thumb drives or cd's to bootable? I tried to do it, but I tried it with 2 bootable thumb drives and a cd, all I got is black screen and no prompts
April 14, 2013 3:34:33 AM

And about the bootable drives. For one thumb drive I used this method: and did till the step 8, after I did it, I just puted the bios file(BE0048.BIO) in it, it is in NTFS format. For the other thumb I used some program, which burned it and made FAT32, in which I also puted the file(I did the burn with it, well, I think). For the CD, I used this and just added disc, added file in it and burned it and now it is CDFS... And please, may I remind you, I have no experience in this, but I am willing to do this by myself. Please help me.
a c 334 V Motherboard
April 14, 2013 8:15:45 AM

1) Download the BE0028P.BIO file ( Not the XX.ZIP or XX.EXE) and copy it to the USB drive. Download it from intel.

2)Go to here "Instructions for Recovery BIOS Update"
Follow the "Recovery with USB Device" method to recovery the BIOS. Look like you have other computer, put those PCs side by side so you can read the instructions or print it out, as long as you follow the step by step, you should be fine.

3) If you can recovery the 0028, then update to 0048 first and next to 0099. If you have problem ask again. Good luck.