XONAR DGX PCI-E 5.1 Audio card

Hello there, I've bought this new sound card, and, since i got a Hp Pavilion media center TV m7360n, there isn't a pci-e x1 slot, so, i try connecting the card to a pci-e x16 slot, but, the card will not physically fit, this is beacuse of this little peice of the board that sticks out infront of a pci-e x1 slot, so, is there anyway i can get the card to fit?

EDIT< sorry, it is not pci-e x16, seems to be just a pci...
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    Return it and get a DG (PCI) card if you want the sound card. PCI-e and PCI are not compatible in any way. The PCI version won't sound any worse
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