Crossfire - How identical do the cards need to be?

Was just sitting here doing some work when I realized, oh hey, this board has crossfire!

I have an ASUS P5Q-e, and a 1GB GDDR5 ATI HD5670 card that I bought last year for $35 on sale. Been a great card but, would like a bit more power when comes to playing a few games like Bioshock Infinite.

I'm not really in the market to spend much on an upgrade, if I even do, but, if I found another HD5670... does it have to be identical? like same make/model/revision/manufacture? or simply another HD5670 1GB GDDR5 card?
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    Usually I would say yes to that requirement.

    List of Certified GPU's. See the list below:
    ATI Radeon™ HD 5670
    Manufacturer Product Link
    PowerColor Radeon HD 5670 512MB GDDR5 Details
    Sapphire Technology Ltd. Radeon HD 5670 1GB GDDR5 (288-1E151-100SA ) Details
    Sapphire Technology Ltd. Radeon HD 5670 512MB GDDR5 (288-1E152-A00SA )

    I'm not sure when this list was made up (it was on AMD's site), but generally I believe that if you have the same version 5670 and a 5670 than you should be good.
  2. I believe that they generally have to be in the same hundredth, but there are some exceptions. I would look up specifically what you want to crossfire though. You can definitely crossfire 2 of the same car though.
  3. That's where I always got lost with the whole Crossfire thing... I know they have to be the same cards, but never knew if just make/model, or right down to revision as well. I remember when I got my card, a month later I went to get a 2nd one but they changed the rev on it, and I wasn't sure if would work, didn't buy it and well, kinda forgot about it for a year.

    Using HWInfo32 (vs opening the computer) it says I have a MEDION Radeon HD 5670. So, I'd have to find another MEDION HD5670 I take it?

    Bummer... not a real common brand, vs sapphire, powercolor and such.
  4. Well I'm not 100% sure that you need the same brand, but I'm pretty sure that if you get another 5670 you should be okay. Of coarse if you get a 1 gb version and you already have a 512 mb version, you will only be able to use up to the 512 mb version (lowest possible setup of the 2 cards).

    I personally would upgrade to a single GPU, but crossfire can come in handy in most games these days, so I know what your trying to do on a limited budget.

    Did you have a budget for this upgrade, and what are your system specs too?
  5. As far as I was aware I thought you had to have the same generation of cards for crossfire. Sli you need identical cards.
  6. The 5670 was NEVER meant to be used as a gaming card and I wouldn't recommend crossfiring them at all. They are conviently absent from the crossfire compatibility chart, don't have crossfire connectors, and the ones that do say they support it (they dont all say they do) use "software" crossfire. Which makes me uncertain they ALL support it.

    In general the same model (5670)should always be used with the same memory amount and similar clock/memory speeds so you don't sacrifice performance. Revisions don't matter, identical cards will always be better but the same model should work IF it supports crossfire.

    If you can find one for $30 bucks and are Fine with stutter, crossfire issues, low res/settings etc you could try it. If you pay anymore might as well save for a modern card.
  7. Airm3n-1292454 said:
    As far as I was aware I thought you had to have the same generation of cards for crossfire. Sli you need identical cards.

    Yeah I was thinking (upon more research online) that all you had to have was 2 x 5670's and a Crossfire bridge to make it happen. I was also assuming that the current 5670 was Crossfire-able (Crossfire card) and the new one would also be Crossfire-able.
  8. What I meant was any cards from that generation of cards could crossfire thats how I thought it worked though i've never tried buying two different cards from a single generation to test it before.
  9. Airm3n-1292454 said:
    As far as I was aware I thought you had to have the same generation of cards for crossfire. Sli you need identical cards.

    You need the same graphics core. In general a xy70 card works with an xy50 or xy70 because they have the same graphics core. It will just limit the higher the slower cards specs.

    you can't use them across the whole generation, a 6950 and 6850 don't work. Sometimes they cross models, sometimes they cross series because of renaming. All that technically matters is the GPU core. But memory capacity at a mimum should match, and crossfiring with a slower card is a waste.

    There's an official chart but it doesn't cover the 5670. Probably because no one would actually crossfire x600 cards since even if you technically could since they aren't meant for gaming

  10. I've been reading a little here and there, haven't ever attempted to crossfire anything up until recently since all the coin mining jacking up the cost of most higher end cards that are already expensive as it is. I've found this sticky to be quite helpful, (which also makes reference to the chart linked by unksol)
  11. Thanks, but... the thread is a year old. :D
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