16gb ram installed (2x8gb G-Skill), only 8gb detected (4gb for each stick)

(SOLVED) It was only 8gb in total all along. Cause of problem: "I am an idiot hehe.")

Hi all,

I have 2 sticks of G skill 8gb (F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL)

Motherboard is Gigabyte P67A-UD3R-B3 with 4 slots for ram

Windows 7 Ultimate - 64 Bit

If I have one 8gb stick installed, in any of the 4 slots (I've tried every slot), it is detected as 4gb in BIOS, Windows and CPU-Z.

This is the same with the other stick of 8gb ram, only detected as 4gb in any slot.

If I have both sticks installed, total ram detected is 8gb.

I've tried reseating the CPU, all the pins look good.

Voltage for DRAM in BIOS matches out with required of ram (1.5v)

Contacts of RAM sticks are all clean..

What else can I try??

Thanks in advance guys. Busting to solve this problem!
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    The model number you provided is 2x4gb kit. There is a sticker on the ram you could check. It should even say 4gbx2.
  2. After looking at the model of RAM you provided, I can clearly see that they are 4 GB sticks. You can match your model number with the link provided below.

    Edit: K1114 noted this before me.
  3. That's actually hilarious. Thanks guys. I guess because each stick had the model code including 8GB written on it I thought that meant 8gb for each individual stick and not as part of a whole kit. I just got given them seperate from one another.

    And all that time I tried playing around inside my case. Hahah! What a nooob! :)
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