my stupid sd card wont let me open the picture folder

i put my sd card in my laptop #1 and when i open the folder to view files it said its locked. when i put it in my other laptop #2 it says i have to check my network resources, whats going on !! i need these photos?!
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  1. Looks like you locked your SD card by accident. If you look on the side of the SD card, there should be a small slider to the side of it. Flip it to the other position and you should be good. Pic for reference below:
  2. no that till doesnt work either. and it says its unavailable? "the drive or network connection is unavailable"
  3. Unless you are trying to access your SD card from laptop #2 while your SD card is still in laptop #1, the message on laptop #2 shouldn't be there. Check the pins on your SD card to be sure that it hasn't been damage in any way. I can't say much else about this problem, other than checking the slider. That is the only thing that would prevent a perfectly fine SD from being accessed.
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