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I've just installed a ASUS Rampage III Extreme with a pair of WD Velociraptor 1TB HDD attached to it's SATA ports. I planned to turn them into a RAID 1 as my boot drive. However, whenever I look at the in the BIOS, or the RAID utility, they show as IDE instead. I've updated my controller drivers, and tried to change the drive type in BIOS, but neither helped. Using Windows 7, I can make them a RAID 0, but it turns it into a dynamic drive that I cannot boot from. WD has some IDE RAID fix, but Windows 7 won't run it, even in compatability mode. Any ideas for a fix?

I'm tempted to just RAID them in Windows and direct all my software and games to install there, but I don't know what that will do for my performance.
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  2. I've gone through that process, no help though. Ive got 3 other HDDs hooked up through the SATA 3gb/s ports, and they all swapped to RAID right off the bat when I changed it in BIOS.
  3. Update: that post did help a bit. The last guy has a similar unresolved issue. The marvell controller for those ports has a different control setting in the BIOS. Now I've got them in ACHI mode, but RAID wasn't one of the choices.
  4. Calling it resolved. The Marvell controller for the SATA III ports actually has such low bandwidth that it'll bottleneck the transfer rate. The SATA II ports are faster in RAID, or at least just as fast.
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