MSI Z77A-G43, good enough for gaming with i5 3570K? (no overclocking)

Firstly, I know the 3570k is for overclocking but for the £5 I thought I would choose that one.

I have already asked about the "Asus P8Z77-V LX" where I was told the "AS Rock Extreme 4" was better, but it is a lot more expensive (£30 odd) but I've found a motherboard that appears to be better than the P8Z77-V LX.

The MSI Z77A-G43.
Comparing them all the MSI seems to be better than the Asus but not so good as the AS. However, it's nearly half the price!
Can anyone help with their views, experiences, or holy knowledge?

Thanks in advance to you lovely people! :)
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    Yes it is good enough for gaming and is comparable to the Asus LX for use of a single GPU.
    The Asrock extreme 4 is in class with MSI Z77A G45 and Asus P8Z77 LK
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