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I am building a system for a friend. Got a good deal on a Gigabyte MB / Intel i3-3220 bundle from TigerDirect. Should be absolutely fine for what the requirements are. Anyway...

My question is about the thermal grease that you normally put on the top of the CPU, between it and the heat-synch. I've done it before on other systems I've built in the past (a while ago) and both this MB book and the book that came with this CPU have steps in the installation section to do it. But... the CPU did not come with any grease. The only reason I'm questioning whether I need to do this, rather than immediately go out and buy some, is because the heat-synch seems to have some sort of material built into it and I thought that, perhaps, that's why they didn't send any thermal grease... because perhaps I don't need any??

The heat-synch has these numbers on it. It's an Intel:


If this material on the bottom of the heat-synch is intended to act as the thermal barrier, as opposed to using thermal grease, should I trust it? In other words, should I (or would it hurt) to go get some grease and put it on there in addition; just to be safe?

New to forum. Sorry for the long post to ask a simple question. I'll try to keep it shorter in the future. Thanks!
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  1. if i were you i would put some thermal paste on there just to be sure, however if the cpu is designed with a "barrier" it might not need it.
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    The thermal pad is already applied - no worries - do not need grease.
    EDIT ^ do not use both.
  3. Yep already applied to the stock Cooler and no other paste needed.
  4. Ok guys... thanks for your time. Very much appreciated.

    Scotty T.
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