i5-3570k Overclock @4.5Ghz - Advice needed

Hello community,

Let me start off with saying that this is my first ever CPU overclocking, so pardon me if my questions are silly, but I do not want to kill my CPU because I did something stupid.

So, I decided to overclock my CPU which is an Inter Core i5-3570k. I've read this guide as a start, because it seemed like a comprehensive one.

I started off by setting the BLCK from Auto to 100.00MHz and increasing the CPU freq multiplier to 42 and disabled the Turbo Boost option I left Vcore on Auto. I ran prime95 for 20 minutes and the temps seemed fine so I proceeded to increase my multiplier to 45. I ran prime95 again for like 10 minutes, Vcore was still set to auto and it was standing around 1.25v when prime was running. Right now I am testing with 4.5Ghz, Vcore set to 1.200v (tho it appears to be 1.224v for some reason).

My concern is, that every second test method in prime95 makes increases my temps to 70-75°C. The other tests produce 60-65°C temps. 75°C seems a little high for me, because the above linked guide shows 50°C temps @4.5Ghz, 1.25v.
Even tho I have not yet touched the CPU PPL/VCCPLL.

Also I set Vcore to 1.2v because Auto was using it on 1.25v. Should I try to lower it to see if it remains stable?

My goal would be to reach 4.8Ghz, but I would not feel comfortable with 80°C temps during my gaming sessions.

Any help, advice would be appreciated. Thank you for you help in advance.

Picture 1

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H
Cooler: bequiet! Dark Rock Pro 2
Case: Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus (200mm front intake fan, 120mm rear exhaust fan)
(planning to get a 200mm top exhaust fan and a 140mm side intake fan, tho I am not sure how much cooler would it make my system)
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    Temps are respectable. Anything in the 70s is no problem. Play some games and see what temps are. I think you/re running fine. Your system's motherboard and cooler are great. If your games crash then you might have an issue. I think 4.6GHz is in your reach, but 4.8GHz is pushing it on a 3570k. It runs hot.
  2. I guess I am gonna go with 4.5GHz then as +100MHz does not sound like a big performance increase.

    My only concern now is if leaving Vcore on Auto is a good idea? I kinda fancy how the CPU 'declocks' itself to 1.6GHz when not in use if Vcore is on Auto.
  3. If it's stable then I'd be very happy with 4.5GHz on a 3570k. I too have my computer adjust. Sometimes it runs at 4.4 but when I'm doing easy tasks it is only at 1.6 or whatever.
  4. It's stable. I left it at 4.5Ghz, and it heats up to 65°C (±3°C) max.
    Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.
  5. You have a pretty awesome chip actually. 4.5 at 1.224v is top of the line. (you are using cpuz to monitor volts right?)

    Honestly, if it was my chip, I'd be popping the heat spreader off and running it bare silicon on water at the highest freq I could get (I'm thinking it might be a 5.0+ candidate).

    But I don't mind having to replace broken parts on occasion, and past 4.5 doesn't make much difference in games anyway. So have fun with it.
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