connect HDMI from pc to tv

i connected the hdmi cable from my gateway pc to the tv. i hit the input button on the remote but it doesn't recognize the connection.
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  1. How long is the cable? Is it cheap one?
  2. Is the computer still connected to your monitor as well?

    -Wolf sends
  3. it's a 15 ft mediabridge cable
    yes it is still connected to the tv
  4. I think what Wolfshadw meant was are you connected to both the TV and a monitor? I mainly use nvidia with multiple displays and have to activate the second display from the control panel. I would assume it would be similar on AMD setups but don't quote me on it.
  5. i'm just connected to the hdmi on the tv to the hdmi in the back of the pc. i went into nvidia control panel but wasn't able to activate a 2nd display. not sure how to do this
  6. In nvidia control panel it is under setup multiple displays and you just tick the additional boxes.

    Give full details of your gfx card buddy and we will go from there

  7. i don't see any additional boxes to check. shows "only use one display". couple of drop down boxes but no other info in them other than showing my gateway pc info
  8. do you have cpu-z? if not get it here :

    That will give you some info about your gfx model

    Once we have that we can see whether it is a gfx issue or a tv issue
  9. i appreciate your time and help memo. i have to get my g-daughters ready for bed. i'll look into this in the a.m. again thanks for your help
  10. no worries dude, i am in uk so will be on early uk time tomorrow, so will go from there if someone does not help you in meantime. nn
  11. Just to confirm, we're talking about a laptop here, correct? And what version of Windows are you using?

    -Wolf sends
  12. Any chance to try it with a short or simple different cable? We have a lot of threads here, where the long hdmi cable turned out to be the problem.
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