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I need a new laptop for grad school. The msin thing I'm doing is researching, typing papers, movie streaming, skyping, downloading games. I'd like a 14-16" screen that's light weight
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  1. when do you start?
  2. June but I graduate in two weeks so want to know what to ask for
  3. touchscreen model

    6-8GB RAM

    128GB+ SSD or 1TB HDD(plus ssd cache)

    long battery life, 2/3 rule - 6 hr advertized = 4 hr real

    third gen intel i5/i7 processor

    or AMD A8/A10

    Intel HD4000 is not a gpu and does not perform GPU intensive activities like games. it plays movies and does regular tasks just fine

    resolution of 1600x900 or higher (1080p=1920x1080)

    weight: depends on person, but I think anything under 5 pounds is light.

    look for the term "ultrabook", intel has specifications for manufacturers to follow to be called an ultrabook. it might suit your needs.

    Lenovo thinkpads are known for high quality, and a touchscreen IS important for windows 8
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