Gilmore (Philippines) budget gaming pc build for Filipinos

hey guys, i was just borrowing my friend's acct to ask some questions..i live here in the philippines and i was just asking if there are anyone out there (filipino) who is very familiar with gilmore (the only place that i know of to buy cheap?computer parts here inthe phil, we dont have microcenter here).. i just want to ask some advice in building a budget gaming pc budget would probably be 20k pesos (470$+)..i have nothing,monitor,os, keyboard mouse nothing...what would be a good build with this money?
i prefer having an intel cpu..
where will i buy the parts?is it a trust worthy store? (ex.pc options?,pc hub?)
games that i wanted to play for so long...starcraft 2, skyrim, farcry and many more...
this thread might help gamers out there who are tight in budget like me and my other friends here..
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  1. Yo! Good day mate! Actually gilmore is overrated, I'm not bashing or demotivating you from buying there but as I canvased thru mall to mall even gilmore the prices are actually the same. I would suggest go to sm north (annex) go with Dynamic PC or Think PC, they give good service and good price :) I've built mine from scratch from these to shops.
  2. Hi friend of Jester! :)

    Check out the site in my signature - it will show you a list of parts according to your budget. It has US as its default country, and you can change it to Philippines in the country-picker.

    Currently, it does not yet have monitors, keyboards and other peripherals (that's our top priority though), but it shows you the essential parts that you will need with respect to your budget.

    Clicking on the parts will link you to the suggested e-store.

    Good luck on your build!
  3. hey guys thanks for the answer ill go see your link now , and btw Leland you are right i noticed that, ill go check up on that stores you mentioned when i have time thanks dudes :)
  4. Salamat po :)
  5. nice link pare thanks talaga
  6. No problem :) Please do refrain from speaking tagalog (Haha, baka di maintindihan ng ibang nag babasa eh xD ) Also those stores give great service as told, and you can even ask for lower price if cash is the payment method.
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