Motherboard sell purchase repair dont know what to do

hello...i am person living in india..and i have purchased laptop from uae ..and brought to india before 2 years i have purchased a dell laptop n5010 6 gb ram,1 gb wid ati graphics card,intel core i5 2.80 firsst generation, dell inspironlaptop 15 r..

now the problem is i purchased laptop in rs 60,000(big amt) ...there was a heating so i by mistaken opened whole the bridge of harddisk inside motheboard has been sotted it heats to much in 1 sec...touch pad socket has been damaged...

now i have ddr3 6 gb ram,a 5400 rpm 640 gb hd,an intel core i5 processor,15 inch screen i want a laptop wid i3 second generartion or any pentium dual core with which i can fix all the remaing parts ....

no company or shop here is giving only laptop without hd,or ram can u plz help....

if i sell all the items..i will not get the amount in which i can buy a new laptop with i3 or pentium dual core or anything...

i payed too much
and i dont want to buy a very high config laptop if i can customize laptop or purchase laptop without ram and hd,it should include processor ,battery,motherboard,screen keyboard and all things but not ram and hd

plz help if any person want to sell laptop which can fit 6 gb ddr3 ,and sata 640 gb hd, thank you

plz mail me any solution or anything on or
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  1. The cheapest way out for you is use eBay or look online for a used replacement system board for the dead laptop then when it working sell the unit. Laptops are fine to move about and do a few hours work on them. If they have to run 24/7 a desktop is cheaper and better for long term usage.
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