Asus P8Z77-Pro/TB: Mobo fans spool to max on idle, screen-off - FW1805

After I updated to FW1805 on my P8Z77-Pro/TB, i started experiencing an issue where the fans connected to my mobo spool to max when my system idles. The odd thing is that this only happens when the system idles to the point of turning my screen off. The fans spin down back to normal rates when I move the mouse or tap a key on the keyboard. This only started happening after the 1805 update and never happened before. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?

Also, a related annoyance, the sensors on this mobo are frequently going wild giving me warnings that this-or-that component has reached absurd voltages or temperatures. Warning! Motherboard at -127c! Somehow I doubt that. Is there any way to get this to stop happening as well?

- Justin
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  1. Check that the CPU fan has 4 pins and not three. The four pin is used for pmw function on the fan pins. Also check that your CPU fan on CPU fan and not the CPU fan aux port. In the bios under fan settings check the fan profile and min fan speed. On my asus saber tooth the default is 600 rpm. May have to set it lower or set it so the mb can turn the fan off. A lot of times if mb is reading wird it can be do to bad power from the power supply.if a sensor goes bad it stick high or low and be the same one. Try running hardware monitor and see if it more then one sensor.
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