New Build, Installing CM Hyper 212 evo

Few questions:

Do I need to clean my cpu before adding thermal paste?

Is the stock CM thermal paste sufficient?

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    Clean and use the paste that came with the EVO you only need about the size of rice grain.
  2. The paste with the EVO is excellent paste, just because it comes as standard doesn't mean its bad. I've used it, and its one of the best I've used.
  3. It is very close to Artic silver 5 in properties.
  4. Awesome, any suggestions for good cleaning solution??
  5. I wipe mine down with 91% isopropyl alcohol bought at the pharmacy.
  6. I use 60% because thats all I can really get. I can buy some from eBay I guess.

    If you want to get both AS5 and special thermal compound remover you can. Look up AS5 in eBay and there are plenty of packs that come with both the cleaner and AS5.
  7. Awesome! Thanks Guys :D Real help as I am building as we speak xD
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