Looking for new motherboard to fit my FX 8350 Ocing

Hey guys, 2 days ago my fx 8350 arrived and i wasnt that impressed with the performance and how well/easily it was to overclock. I was also getting a throttling problem even though all power saving features were disabled.

After much research i have found the culprit of these problems to be my motherboard, an Asrock 970 extreme 3.

I would like some advice and suggestions on which new motherboard would suite the fx 8350 at around 4.5ghz without breaking bank.

These are some boards ive seen;

Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 (rev. 1.2)

Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 (rev. 1.2)

Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 (rev. 1.x)


My budget is around £120, but i can probably stretch is another £20.
At the moment im thinking that the Sabertooth is the best choice.
But is the cheaper 970/990 UD3 boards can handle it ill go for one of those.
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  1. I'd Go with the Sabertooth.
  2. I would get the 990FXA, better for OC'ing than 970. I wouldn't get the Sabertooth since it's overpriced and it that design actually traps heat despite what it says.
  3. The 990FXA UD3 would be my choice for the budget, it will handle it fine.
  4. Yea my vote goes to the 990FXA UD3 as well. Very solid board with tons of features. BTW nice profile pic, rolli59.
  5. completelyrandomname said:
    Yea my vote goes to the 990FXA UD3 as well. Very solid board with tons of features. BTW nice profile pic, rolli59.

    LOL they sent me the hammer few years ago so why not flaunt it!
  6. Cheers guys, does the UD3 have good vrm cooling and do i have to get the Rev 3.0?
  7. Rev 3 has the newest BIOS and if there were any kinks they have worked them out.
  8. Bud the UD5 is only Rev 1.0
  9. Also a quick question about mothebroards. When i got the fx 8350 i wasnt that impressed with it. Although in 3dmark 11 the Physics score went from 4800 to 7200. 4800 being my old phneom 965.

    Even tho this is a nice boost i didnt get similar results during gaming. It seems exactly the same and in some cases worse. Could this be because of my crappy 970 extreme 3? would it have an effect on performance and will i see an increase once i get a higher level board??
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