Graphic card 6670 ddr3 1gb for gaming, budget pc

This is a budget gaming pc, I want to know if my GPU is okay with this setup and if my Mobo can handle this setup:

Processor:AMD A8-5600K Trinity 3.6GHz
Video: radeon hd 6670 ddr3 1gb
Memory:2x4gb ddr3 RAM 1600mhz
PSU: corsair, seasonic, XFX, Antec, PCP&C 600w
hd: WD 500gb
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  1. Is there a reason you choose those parts in particular?

    I think you can get a much better system for slightly more, but if that's all the money you have (By the way, where are you buying from?) it can handle games at 720p with lowered details (medium).
  2. tell us budget for full pc
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