Odd pinout on front panel audio connector- help?

Hi all,

I've just purchased this "dashboard", mainly to add front USB3 (as there are no USB3 headers on my Asus P6X58D Premium board).

I had also hoped to utilized the headset/microphone ports on it, as well- but the plug end is unlike what I'm used to seeing. The 7 pin is the blank,

- which doesn't seem to match up to this fact, not to the other two computers I have here, either?

Assuming I have some sort of oddball connector, am I stuck- or is there a way to modify it?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.



PS to MODS: my email is confirmed, but the site wouldn't allow me to insert the picture. Please fix?
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  1. I am going to take a guess that you're holding an HD audio connector. The other option is an AC'97 connector. Look and see if pin four is used. If it is, it's HD audio.
  2. Hi Bigpink,

    On the motherboard, pin 8 is the blank (vs. 7 on the connector). It's an opposite/swap. Currently, my HAF case connector is there- so it's not a deal-breaker to NOT use the jacks on this new dashboard-- just irritating. I'll be installing the dash & cannot use the fan controls, CPU temp gage, & now headset/mic...I'll basically be getting USB3 (& losing the USB2 front on the case when I do because I'm short USB headers) & possibly the card reader (assuming it's not cobbled to read >2GB).

    Live & learn?

  3. Best answer
    Understandable frustration. I gave up on card readers because you generally don't know what they support until after you try them. As for the audio plug, if you're patient you can actually pop the little terminals out of the plastic plug end, and essentially rearrange them yourself, but I would try my best to trace them to your "dashboard" to determine just what you're putting where. It should be possible to get a pin-out for your motherboard. Likely if it's not too old, (HD / Azalia Audio was defined around '04), you will have the HD Audio pin header on your motherboard.

    There is good information here, along with the pin assignments for both AC'97 and HD Audio:

    They also give the disclaimer, you may run into difficulties if you're using an AC'97 front panel with built-in HD Audio, so I will leave it in your hands how far you're wiling to take this.

    Here's a slightly more useful site, including rewiring instructions, and pictures of the setting to disable in software:

    I would be asking myself at this point, how often, if at all, I planned to use the audio jacks in the front. :-)
  4. Hi again BPD,

    Yeah, I know. I'm not going to bother to rearrange the wiring. I've done this other times when there was no option- but I think I'll just lick my wounds over a cheap, overseas purchase (my doing- lol) & make do with what I originally wanted- a cheap-ish way to get USB3 to the front panel. Australia is shocking to get even the cheapest parts at a decent cost.

    All of this because I want USB3 more accessible & my MB only has 2 at the back. However, I will find it handy to have the SATA to the front, as well. Not sure if it's worth doing the fans or not...but might do, just because I can't use the audio- lol.

    Thanks for the input- appreciated,

  5. You're welcome. Another route might be tracking down an AC'97 to HD Audio adapter cable. I did a quick search, and they do exist, but seems like an older item that isn't stocked so much anymore. Good luck with your project. Sorry about the troubles getting decent computer equipment where you live.
  6. No worries-

    Australia is a magnificent country & I love living here & I would not ever leave...But it is ripped off something awful & I don't know why.

    I'm an emigrant from the states since 2007. Even though electronics to AU is closer & more directed from China & Japan, AU is shafted.

    Anyway, thanks & I marked your post as most helpful.

    T :)
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