Asus M5A97 R2.0 memory

I need some help I am getting ready to buy this mother board. I have a few questions first, I was looking at the compatible memory sheet for 1866 memory and there is only around 4 different part numbers for 8gb ram modules. My question is do I have to get that exact part number or can I buy say It is hard to find the exact ones that are listed. Also the A5a97 supports 2133mhz but buying that would be useless because CPU limits it to 1866 right?
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  1. The memory you've listed, would work just fine.
    1600MHz is the sweet spot. The performance difference between 1600 & faster ram is marginal, Hence, the price difference isn't justified.


    More memory>Faster memory
  2. If you havnt bought that board yet, I would choose another, I have had some experience with that board and it has some issues to be sure. Memory compatibility is just one.
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