Gaming Laptop Purchase 2-3K budget clevo P170, P150, P370

Would like to get member's opinion for a laptop with 3000 USD budget.

Use -Business trips, usually a few weeks at a time in a hotel or service aprtment
Mobility - Not the most important, cause I will be setting this up in the service apartments that I am sent to. So moving two to three times a year I guess

Games - BF3, Simcity, SCII, Farcry

Importance ranking -
1. Smooth graphics at ultra or at least one below and will be connected to external 24inch ips monitor
2. Onboard sound card, Will be connecting to a pair of 100 USD stereo computer speakers with Sub.
3.Onboard speakers Wold like the onboard speakers to be at least decent, meaning no distortion.
4. Screen Quality
5. battery life
6. mobility
7. weight

Considering - Any laptop with 680m
m17X, win7 pro,16G ram, 680m, 256SSD, 1T 5400,
MSI GT60, GT70
Sager ??? don't know which model

I had a m17X with 9790 ATI graphics card, but I ordered win 7 and it came with win 8 so I returned it. Love the quality of screen and sound, but so many issues with graphics card driver and win 8 so I ended up returning the unit.
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  1. So boiled down to sager but don't know which one to choose? PLEASE HELP!!! With my budget of 2.5K which model will give me the most stable system and best overall performance of the following.

    - Ease of upgrade
    - Decent sound - (I can put on headphones so on-board speaks not as important then a decent soundcard)
    - Driver or hardware compatibility issues

    Thanks again for the advice!!!
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