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No more Audio devices found after cleaning, need some help/advice!

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April 15, 2013 10:53:23 AM

The story went like this:

As the topic says; Cleaned my pc took everything out and this is what happened. I Was putting it back together and found the jack that said hda udio but it was a different jack than what it used to be in(fb audio). So I thought it was in the wrong jack before and would give it a try. I plugged it in there but after booting it did not work. So I thought to switch it back. At that point I already noticed my on-board sound that had been plugged in at the back of my pc and working just fine earlier today did not recognize my speakers at that first boot. I plugged it back in the other port and still nothing works. I get no sound out of my pc and I wonder if that +- 45 secs of that plug being in the wrong spot mightve ballsed up my mobo or did something with my case cables? The jack is just for the case so I have no clue why this happened and all audio vanished for my pc. I'm really out of options and reddit does not give me any answers either.. I hope you guys can!

edit:I'm trying reinstalling drivers now.. I'm really clueless why this happened and really do not have a good feeling about this.

edit:this did nothing and I'm really starting to worry now. The HD audio jack also smells not so great. This day was just utter crap for me. First time I feel like I completely f***ed up. Anyone can help me with this?

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April 15, 2013 7:23:52 PM

Yes. You dun killed it. It's all your fault. Quit your job, kiss your family good bye, and go live in a cave.

Just kidding.

The great thing about computers is that you're rarely really out of options. I fried the internal audio on a board once and used the hdmi audio instead. Sound cards can be had quite cheap also. Mind you, we don't even know if you really fried it or not yet.

When you say not so great, do you mean "burning wires" not so great, or "I gotta quit smoking/farting around the computer" not so great?

Give this a try:
Control pannel ---> sound. You should see something that looks basically like this:

Make sure that 'speakers' are selected with a green check. Play anything with audio. You should see the bouncing green bar. Still no audio? Make sure it's not on mute (bottom right of the task bar).

Test the speakers with anything you can plug headphones into (mp3 player, cell phone, etc.). Make sure they aren't the issue.

If this doesn't take care of it, get back with your motherboard's model number. Also, knowing if it's still under warranty is helpful.

Hope that works.