Best most stable system with some future-proofing 1500 MAX

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My youngest just got his first full time job and he is getting a place of his own,(drum roll while me and my wife dance around out soon to be empty nest) so one of his house warming gifts I am building him a new PC. (Currently he has an I3-2120)

To get the most bang for the buck and the longest amount of useful life out of a PC
Which would you suggest?

Higher end MB 200 to 300 or higher end CPU or higher end GPU

I try to put function before form but it seems silly to put 2k worth of gear into a 40 dollar box, after getting him stuff for his apt I would like to be less than 1500 for this part of the gift. While a 99 dollar MB would work I think in the long run a 200-300 MB would be more stable and more reliable, Basic parts of the system would all be the same 128G 840 Pro, 2Tb Seagate Drive 16 GB or Ram, Corsair PS and Corsair 650D case, he is a gamer mostly shooters I keep hearing gun shots and death screams coming from his room and some racing games. my Oldest got a 2500k, 7870 16gb system when he left home he is still using it.

3770k + 7970 + Asrocks Z77 Fatal1ty
3570k + 7970 + Asus Maximus V
3570k + 7950 + Asus Maximus V
Suggestions please fast long life and stable is the key
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  1. I'd go with A but with a Dual Thunderbolt board like MSI or gigabyte.
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