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I came home today and logged into my computer, and got on Firefox, watched some Youtube videos and afterwards, noticed the taskbar was frozen and would not respond. This puzzled me because it has never happened before, so I just restarted my PC. After the restart the taskbar immediately froze on login and I was unable to interact with the desktop or the taskbar. I tried to open task manager and that froze immediately so I restarted my PC again. I repeated the previous steps but before shutting down, decided to log into a different User on my PC. Now, I am writing this thread from that user and taskbar and desktop work fine, but my main account refuses to work. I'm running a virus check as I speak. Should I system restore? It seems to only be affecting 1 of my Users.

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  1. Okay, After much trial and error by restarting my PC into safemode about 20 times and disabling/enabling individual startup programs I determined that Skype was causing the freeze up. Not sure why. Gonna try to reinstall it.
  2. Reinstall did not work. Bringing it up with Skype customer service. In other words:

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