Get screen tearing while internet browsing when my Graphics card is OC

Ive never had this problem before but since 2 days ago when i got my new FX 8350 ive been getting this horrible tearing if my GPU is overclocked. It only happens when im on chrome and when i minimize and maximize other programs but then stops once there minimized or maximized. I have 0 tearing during games, they seem to be like they always have been.

I cant take a screenshot because it doesnt show up the tearing in pics. And its not like screen tearing in games, its much more horrible. I thought maybe its a power issuse but it cant be because it doesnt happen during gaming.

Im really stuck for ideas.

Heres my system;

Windows 7 Ult 64-bit
Asrock 970 extreme 3
1TB Barracuda
Fx 8350 4ghz
7950 1175/1550 1.3v (stock was 1.25v)
corsair 600w CX builder series
2x4gb ddr3 1600 avexir
hyper 212 evo

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  1. whats the refresh rate of your monitor?
  2. 60 hz 1440p
  3. the only thing i can think of, is your prior cpu was not a bottleneck but it had lower performance, now that you have a high end gpu your pushing it. did you check amd catalyst and make sure your refresh rate is set at 60hz too?
  4. I would install the latest beta drivers from AMD. I was having similar problems in Xbox Music and Chrome (artifacts and screen tearing). I installed 13.2 I believe and the problems went away. I believe it is due to idle clock speeds.

    You can set idle clocks yourself, but I would exhaust the driver selection first. I have since moved to 13.3 with no problems.

    You can test by booting up a program like Kombustor and then browsing to see if you still have the problem. If you don't have the problem when there is a load on the card, it is the idle clock speed.
  5. I fixed it! I updated Afterburner to the latest beta and now its gone away!

    Thanks for the help guys
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