Combining SSDs into one.

I have two 50gb SSD and a 1tb HDD. I want to combine the two SSDs into one as the C drive, and keep the HDD as the D drive.

When I'm in disk management my primary partition is one of my SSD and supposedly it's already extended. When I shrink it it has two parts to that single SSD, one 30.91gb and one 15.67gb. If I try to extend it it only allows me to combine that single SSD into one.

I was wondering if it's possible to combine the two SSDs.

When it isn't extended.

Only options for extending it...
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  1. may be possible to make a software raid 0--striped or spanned from the 2 ssd drives

    though i have never tried it when windows was already installed

    have only done it when i had windows on C drive and blank hard drives on D and E

    so if you try it make sure to make a backup first

    and extend your c back to its full size 1st
  2. extend c drive for more performance and space switch to raid0 but please be aware of the risks (if 1 drive fails you loose all data on both drives so backups are very important) Odds are you will need to fully reinstall windows and software.

    extend drive for more space, its called spanning the drive in windows.
    read the section on creating a spanned volume.
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