New Build (Only keeping Mobo, HDD and maybe PSU), all advice is welcome. :)

Hello people,
I'm about to embark on a new build. This rig I'm currently running hasn't been upgraded much in just under a year, but was built with slightly older parts (bought new though) when it was built.

My current rig:

Gigabyte G41MT - S2P (Socket 775) Micro ATX Mobo
Pentium D E5700 (Socket 775 LGA) 3.0GHz CPU
ATI Radeon HD 5450 GPU
DDR3 4GB RAM putting out 400MHz with 667MHz as mobo max (un-brandad I think)
1TB (1000GB) WD HDD Hard Drive
750W PSU (none branded I think), came free with case (I think)
Mars Red Gaming ATX Case w/ LED Light Set Up, LCD Temp Display
Win 7 Home Premium 32-bit (mobo doesn't accept 64-bit, as far as I'm aware)

Okay so I'm planning on keeping the mobo, hard drive and maybe the PSU. I am wanting to upgrade the CPU, GPU, RAM, Case and maybe if neccisary the PSU. I'm all so wanting to add a SSD.

I was wondering if any one has any ideas to the type of GPU and CPU people would advise for a Media Centre / Vide Editing / Photo Editing type rig? I'll mostly be running Dreamweaver, CAD, HTCP MC, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Illustrator.

And what size SSD do you think I should go for, 128GB or 256GB (I'm keeping 32-bit win 7 OS)... And lastly I'm going for a full size case so space shouldn't be an issue.

Price range:
GPU = £30 to £40
CPU = Depends on what one I go for (no overkill though)
8GB RAM = £20 - £30
SSD = Depends on size I go for
Case = £60 to £100

In total I'll be looking at spending £180 tops (excluding CPU and SSD)

I'm not fussing over the cooling system just yet, I'm working that one out once I know what I'm putting in the rig for the rest of the hardware.

Any help would be appreciated, and thanks in advance! :D
(sorry if any spelling mistakes, keyboard on laptop being a bit funny, taking a look now).

Regards to all!
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  1. Greetings and Salutations,

    While keeping your Hard Drive and PSU are viable options; the motherboard will not support and processors newer than a Core 2 Quad, which are no longer manufactured or sold outside of eBay.

    Sorry for the bad news.

  2. yep

    a q6600 is about £50 on ebay

    and £30 to £40 for a gpu isnt going to get you much either

    edit--yes your motherboard does support 64bit

    edit--quite honestly if you want to do Dreamweaver, CAD, HTCP MC, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Illustrator.

    you should sell the whole thing for whatever you can get and build a new pc
  3. Yeah I know, I'm not planning on getting the latest Processor, just the best one out at the moment for my motherboard. I suppose a new option could be getting a socket 1155 motherboard, but I'm trying to cut cost's where I can. Ah so other forums must be out dated on the knowledge of that motherboard, I might install 64-bit then, as it is better for what I need. I'm looking at a GPU in a 'price saving range.' Some thing decent, but nothing special as to destroy my budget... I'll probs up the budget to £400 inc VAT and p&p if I order over here and not in store. Hmmmm, I'm keeping the Hard Drive and PSU though (PSU if viable), 1TB Hard Drive + SSD added should suffiece, I think.

    Thanks for the advice people! :) All is taking and put into my notes of what I'm putting together!
    Thanks :)
  4. I've thought about that, but to be honest I wont get much for it, unless I strip it and sell it. Which is a hassle! I've considered it though, it's time as well, it's a bit hard pushed for the selling my rig bit. If I was to start fresh, what would you go for? I've been looking around at reviews on Motherboards and CPU's, etc. It's easy enough to know what fits into what and put it together to install your OS. But to make it specific to my requirement's, is proven to take longer than I expected!

    Thanks again :)
  5. its just not worth pumping money into a socket 775 is the problem

    might be better looking at an amd board and cpu rather than socket 1155

    easier on the budget

    i am not up on amd cpus and motherboards--but £400 could probably get you something half decent if you go with amd
  6. If I do strip my current rig and sell it in parts, I've browsed through price's of those parts pre owned / refurbished and they come in around £150 to £200 sold seperately, given they sell at those price's, and I don't sell less for a quick sale. If that was to go to plan, I think I'd have around £550 to £600... Pushing it a bit, I could maybe chuck in another £50 to £100 out of my own pocket. So make that £700. I've never really dabled much with AMD accept with the odd retail made pc's, so I'm not 100% on what's out and what's in for AMD's present time either.

    It's n option though, one worth looking into. I'll be writing a list, and tweeking it over the next week or 2... Then starting to buy, I'll of bought it all within a month.

    You have a point with the socket 775, though there's upgrade's to be done, after the next one, or maybe two; it'll be out dated completely soon. So it may be bennificial to go for a newer motherboard now, rather than later

    Thanks again :)
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