hdd1 ssd1 password?

i recently purchased a seagate hard drive for my toshiba portege r705-p25 since the one it came with has failed. i installed the new hdd but it asks me for hdd1/ssd1 password. I had never created this password and read more about it and created it by switching back the old hard drive and pressing f2 and going to the security tab. i then switched back to the new hard drive and it still doesn't accept my password. the words not certifed show. I then went back and fourth with the hard drives and ended up creating a user/admin password also. when I boot up the new hard drive it now asks for both passwords(user/admin&hdd1/ssd1) it accepts the user/admin password but not the hdd1 password. what do i have to do to get pass this it's getting really annoying :( also please note that it asks for both passwords also when i have the old hdd in as well and it accepts both of them. for some reason it doesn't accept it with the new hdd. please help!
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  1. was this a used drive?
  2. none of the drives are/were used. the old one has only been used by me. it's the one i purchased the laptop with
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