GPU overclocking on Asrock H77m micro ATX mobo?

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For my first gaming build I recently ordered the Asrock H77m micro atx motherboard for use with a i5-3470 CPU and a Gigabyte 7950 GPU. Seeing as the 7950 really comes to shine at overclocked rates I obviously want to overclock it. Nothing too wild (Within reason with the GPUs stock cooling).

I know the h77m doesn't support CPU overclocking, but I have not been able to find anything about GPU overclocking. So my question is will I be able to overclock the GPU (even slightly ) with this mobo or should I get a refund from newegg and invest another $30 for the Z77M set.

Again its my first build so both options could be ridiculous, if this is the case please suggest another cheap(er) quality mobo that will suit my needs in terms of GPU overclocking. Again I have no plans to overclock the CPU, just the GPU. Any feedback would be fantastic, thank you! :)
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  1. Yes you will be able to overclock your GPU as the motherboard does not have any influence on your ability to do this. You will need to download MSI afterburner or similar software.
  2. good cpu and mobo choices. Your mainboard does not influence OC'ing the gpu (That's coz it is a chip with it's own mobo (the PCB) and all OC features and capabilities are present on the gpu pcb.) The things that will limit your gpu OC are:
    1. PSU
    2. PCB design
    3. Cooling (Stock or aftermarket)

    you cant do anything about PCB design and not much about the Cooling either (stock coolers are good enough anyway). Make sure your PSU is the right power rating to handle 6 pin power connector for the gpu.

    good luck
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