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So I bought this laptop new from Best buy, Asus X55c. It came with Windows 8. I hate windows 8, So I cleaned it using diskpart in my Desktop.

My Problem is that with the HDD being cleaned, and trying to install windows 7 x64, the installation will hang at "Starting Windows". I am using a genuine windows 7 disc with the hologram. I used this disk just yesterday on a build so I know it works.

I've done everything I can think of.

Any Help is Greatly appreciated.
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  1. Find Secure Boot in your BIOS/UEFI and disable...
  2. Boot secure was the first thing I took off, sorry I didn't mention it. I have tried to run a OCZ SSD (Sata II) with the firmware updated, as soon as I power up it takes me straight to bios, and if I exit, it takes me right back to bios. I'm using the latest bios. I can take the standard hdd to my desktop install windows 7 using my disc, no problem. On this laptop, just hangs.
  3. Try selecting a different SATA mode, it's probably AHCI, try IDE and see if it boots...
    Also on the Boot Tab try disabling UEFI boot
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